Versus VS-3080

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Product Description

VS-3080 Tackle Storage System is the winner of Japans Good Design Award and Lure Magazines Tackle Box of the year for five years in a row. The Versus VS-3080 Tackle Storage System is the perfect combination of form and function and comes in the perfect configuration for Australian Conditions.

The setup includes:

  • 4 x VS 708 (Lure Case)
  • 2 x VS 820ND (Worm Case)

Utilises Ingenious double locking system that prevents spillage of valuable tackle, the VS-3080 is also very functional with items upgrades designed to fit snugly in the top of the unit, like a VS-318DD, up to 3 x VS-420’s and 1 x 708 or 808 Lure Tray, you can also mix and match system trays in the bottom section

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Black, Grey, Kahki, Red, Yellow


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