Atomic K9 Bulldog

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The Atomic Hardz K9 Bulldog is 80mm long, is slightly heavier than the 60mm Walker, but sill floats and casts like a bullet. This is due to the slender shape of the lure, and its in-built ball bearings that shift to give you the best casting weight on the market. Whether you are fishing glassy conditions or a moderate ripple on the surface, this lure will have it covered.

It’s a great lure to use the ‘walk the dog action’ over shallow weed beds, vast flats, oyster bars and racks, and even through a school of feeding fish. At rest the lure will tend to sit tail-down, exposing the rear trebles to an unsuspecting fish. Many a fish has been snared by the extremely sharp Gamakatsu trebles. When working this lure across the surface, you may see a boil appear behind the lure. Stop to see if the fish will take it. If not, just tweak the line to move it slightly. Sometimes this will entice the fish to smash the lure.

Features a loud internal rattle, attracting fish from a wide distance
The profile encourages a walk the dog action without too much input from the angler making it ideal
Effective over sand flats where seasoned pros will use it to attract fish or in close to overhanging

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