Atomic Pop 50

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The Atomic Hardz Pop 50mm is a hard-plastic, surface-popping lure designed to have a subtle pop during retrieval. The downwards-facing, cupped lip ensures a subtle bloop when using a traditional retrieval method. You’ll love the shape and dynamic action it has through the water. Easy to cast and built with chemically-sharpened hooks, any fish that has a go at the Hardz Pop is likely to become your next personal best. Available in a wide range of colours means bass, golden perch and other species will love your Hardz Pop as much as you do. This lure is a ‘must have’ in every tackle box. Whether you’re a serious fisher person or just wanting to head down to your local spot, this lure will increase your hook-ups and your love of fishing.

Casts like a bullet and is designed as a subtle popper
The downfacing cup encourages a subtle bloop when used with a traditional popper retrieve
Dynamite on whiting, this lure is a must have in any lure fishos arsenal

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ghost pink chartreuse, muddy prawn, rock crab