Atomic shiner 100 Deep

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The 100mm Atomic Shiner Deep range of lures are designed with a tight wobble and roll action that can be used effectively on barra, mulloway, flathead and kingfish that are feeding down deep. The lure has a very deep diving depth of up to 3.5m. The tight wobble will give it that baitfish shimmy that will have the fish coming out and smashing it. It has been designed to be cast and retrieved, but you can successfully troll the lure as well.In either case you will need to include pauses and subtle twitches near structure. This 11.5 grams floating lure can be worked over snags or rock bars. But don’t forget to include those pauses. Definitely a lure to have when you are targeting big fish in the estuary!

Designed with a tight wobble and roll action
The larger models, 75, 85 and 100mm are floating so work them with a steady retrieve amongst timber

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