Feed Slash Stickbait

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Slash 65
We had to design one of these. The sinking stickbait takes topwater angling to another level and the SLASH65 does just that. The versatility of this lure to be worked in all water conditions make it a must-have in any serious caster’s box. At 65 grams, it is perfect for medium-light popping outfits used in most shallow/coastal locales where it is cast and swept with ultimate ease to unveil the slinkiest of swims.

Slash 130
Giant Trevally, large Tuna, Billfish. The possibilities are endless with the sinking stickbait that is the SLASH130. With an action that is to be seen to be believed, the 130 gram hologram-shod lipless lure will sink slow after the long cast and react to long sweeps that produce the tight swimming action that has proven irresistible to any hot-blooded saltwater predator.

Slash 150
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Slash 180
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Bloody Scad Holo, 64 Rasta Holo, 65, 66 Green Mack Holo, 67 Pink Chart Holo, 68 Clown Holo, 69 Blue Pink Holo, 70 Fusilier Holo, 71 Yellow Spotted Blue Holo, 72 Hot Chart Holo, 73 Disco Holo


Slash 65, Slash 130, Slash 150, Slash 180


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