Major Craft Crostage

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Salt water fishing is bearing the aspect of major boom. The target is expanding to a bigfin reef squid, black bream, rockfish, yellowtails and flatfish commencing with seabass. But it is fact that there still be many unknown. Because of this, this is exciting fishing category in the future. The stage “SEA” where we can develop myriad game. There is the pleasure to narrow down to one target. However there is the pleasure to pursue various target in the situation to change every moment.
We put accumulated know-how into “Crostage” as many anglers use easily. We developed without compromising in the quality under the concept of ease of casting, moving & fighting. We think you will be surprised by the perfection level of each prices. But the true surprise will come after putting the line into guide and casting at first. Please enjoy the stage “SEA” where various situation cross over.

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Rod Model

CRC-70L, CRC-70ML, CRC-76M, CRC-83HH, CRJ-S60/5, CRJ-S60LJ