Silstar Crystal Power Tip

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Product Description

The legendary Silstar Crystal Power Tip is as tough as the fish they fight. Synonymous with Australian anglers for decades, the Silstar Crystal Power Tip delivers the unrivaled durability of an integrated solid tip, into a composite fibreglass and graphite main blank. With over 40 models to choose from in the range, you’ll be sure to find a Crystal Power Tip to suit any sort of fishing scenario, whether it’s the occasional trip down the jetty, or weekend on the boat, Silstar is with you all the way. Equipped with quality Fuji branded guides and reel seats, the Silstar Crystal Power Tip is tough and dependable.


Composite graphite and fibreglass blank

Fuji O Guides

Fuji DPS reel seat

High density closed cell EVA grips

Integrated Solid Tip


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Rod Model

PC-561cam, PC-561swh, PC-561swm, PC-562cah, PC-601spm, PC-662swm, PC-701spxl, PF-561