Daiwa Demon Blood

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Product Description

Making a good thing better the new Saltist Demon Blood takes the pedigree and performance of its predecessor and updates it with a new look, cosmetics, components, carbon, and technologies to deliver anglers a series that is striking in looks and possessed in performance and value.

With a “more muscle and less fat” attitude at the core of its design Saltist Demon Blood combines the reputation of the famous Saltist name with contemporary styling, features and the latest design concepts to release from the crypt a heavy duty rod series that will make your blood boil and awaken the angling demon within.

Drawing a Blank

The Saltist Demon Blood’s possession begins with its advanced blank design. Integrating many of Daiwa’s latest and most performance-driven blank technologies including SSG carbon, Bias Wrap, Glatech, and V-Joint, Demon Blood has few peers when it comes to heavy-duty blank design and technology.

At the heart of the Demon Blood’s blank design is its ultra advanced range of carbon and composites, which are then combined with varying blank design and construction techniques to create specific blanks, for specific actions and specific applications. The outcome is a blank range that is the best the business, and without compromise.

Bias Wrap construction features heavily within the series and involves a cross directional wrapping method in blank construction to eliminate blank twist and distortion to increases rod strength, function, and sensitivity.

The 72MH, 762XH, 82XH and 962H rods feature Bias Wrap in their blank design and draw full benefit from the innovative technology to create a collection of rods that have a fine diameter blank, resist twisting, possess outstanding casting capabilities, and unprecedented hook setting power. As a popper, stickbait and jerkbaiting rod few rods come close to these four demonic power rods.

Bias Wrap also features in the overhead models and combines with SSG carbon to create a quiver of models that have an ultra slim profile, yet are incredibly powerful and unrelenting when it comes to strength and pulling power, making them perfect for fast jigging techniques.

Glatech construction features in the 64CJ, 56-6/8B, 56-3/5 and 56-6/8 jig rods and involves uni-directional fiberglass sandwiched between 90 degree inner and outer layers graphite. Blended with SSG carbon the result is an incredibly resilient blank, with backbone and lifting power to control and lead strong fish.

V-Joint technology takes the performance and strength of Demon Blood’s multi-piece rods to another level, with the Bias Wrap construction within the joint allowing the rod ferrule to flex with the rod to eliminate week spots, and ensure that multi-piece blanks match the performance of one-piece blanks in flex, power and responsiveness.

Guide Me

Demon Blood delivers the full Fuji experience, with the range featuring the innovative designed and performance driven SiC K guides.

Providing the ultimate tangle free line experience the Fuji K Concept system features a specifically designed, highly polished frame that eliminates line wrap, particularly with braided and PE lines, while its silicone carbon SiC insert is incredibly light, hard, smooth, low in friction, conductive of heat, and features a pronounced forward tilt position in the guide frame to further minimize line tangle issues.

The Fuji K guides combines with a M style tip to allow flawless trouble free casting, while their weightless design allows the crispness, responsiveness, power and performance of the blank to be fully realised.The Demon Blood’s heavy-duty Fuji reel seats provide a rock solid connection between rod and reel, while their ergonomic design ensures supreme comfort for long days on the water, while a locking ring on the reel seat gives piece of mind and security in the heat of battle. Fuji graphite gimbals feature on selected models and provide superior comfort and blank power application under load.


  • Bias Wrap construction blanks
  • Glatech Construction on select models
  • V- Joint on 2 and 3 pce models
  • Fuji’s premium Sic K guides
  • Heavy duty Fuji reel seats with locking rings
  • Ultra tuff EVA grips
  • Hard travel cases for three piece models

Additional Information

Rod Model

60-5/6 Southern Blue, 72MH, 82XH, ST5/6-6/8B