Edge Black Widow – Spin

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Edge rods are designed by the legendary rod builder Gary Loomis.

After decades of rod development Gary Loomis has taken it to the next level once again.

With the introduction of new technologies and design a faultless series of rods have been created that offer unsurpassed sensitivity to the angler.

ALL ‘BW’ Model Rods feature the Black Widow handle, made from 100 percent carbon fiber and designed to deliver increased sensitivity over cork, EVA or carbon fiber foam wrapped alternatives.

All this technology adds up to one thing, more fish caught which equals bigger smiles at the weigh in.

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SC-ISR 708-1, SC-ISR 703-1, SC-ISR 706-1, SC-ISR 705-1, SC-ISR 704-1, SC-BCR 705-1, SC-BCR 704-1, SC-BCR 663-1, SC-BCR 664-1, SC-BCR 665-1, SC-BCR 666-1


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