Samurai Kestrel

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Product Description

The new Kestrel range has been years in the making and feature responsive graphite blanks suitable for everything from snapper to speedy mackerel. Through advanced research, a special blend of advanced material and cutting edge building techniques have been combined to create light, super strong bluewater-specific rod designs.

The starting point was to select the highest quality components from Fuji. Using Fuji Reel seats with Honeysoft finish giving that soft feel and Titanium SiC (Silicon Carbide) K Series Guides, means that each and every guide in this series contains the latest cutting edge Fuji “Anti-Tangle” technology. No other component manufacturer has been able to perfect this patented technology. Combine this with the Titanium frame and the SiC ring, the rods are light and responsive, but we were able to improve on this even further.

Using Mitsubishi Pyrofil cloth and new material technology in resins, the cloth modulus has been selected specifically for each blank. It is machine rolled under enormous pressure to produce an even blank diameter throughout the length of the rod. Machine rolling also ensures each blank is as lightweight, strong and as precise as the next.

Both the Fuji Titanium SiC K Series guides and the new resin technology have been able to improve on the already brilliant Samurai rods and will be leaving the rest of the market scampering in catch-up mode.

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Rod Model

KE302-70, KE351-70, KE502-70