Smith Komodo Dragon Offshore Stick WRC

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Spinning for sea fishing of the Japanese firm SMITH – are masterpieces, which have no analogues in the world. Invention, creation and production of these masterpieces, was subject to the same philosophy: caught – released. Purpose spinning – fishing for trevally giant ( the GT ), grouper , snapper , tuna , Spanish mackerel , sailing , ie, The Game Big .

“Monsters of the deep sea. Giant reef masters. Kings sea sport fishing. The dream of every self-respecting fisherman “Which only epithets are not gifts to these giants of the lucky ones who have visited at least once in the sea fishing in Australia, Papua New Guinea, the Seychelles, the Philippines, Indonesia and the Maldives. No trolling. Only hard, exhausting work – casting and powerfully-tvichevaya wiring poppers to 300g, huge jerk guiding Bible or Walker, deep jig pilkers 150-500gr,.. Active Twitchy shallow wobblers or spinners.

Such fishing – for real men. Especially for them, for the elite, the creators of the spinning turned one of the most ancient of human passions – hunting thirst, in a beautiful ritual show of strength, intelligence and generosity of people.

In the production of spinning for sea fishing,  SMITH uses the highest technology in the world. Rings from the famous FUJI . 3D Carbon made by a special cross. Because such material enables self-healing carbon fiber. And when playing the Giants – a priority when the strength and elasticity of spinning depends on all.

Since 2002, Kose Okubo – the most famous fisherman in the world by catching the monsters, tirelessly tested the strength of the sea spinning SMITH . To this day, this work does not stop. Improvements are now, the new is born.

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Spin Rod

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PE 12