Taiyro Nano Blue Wave

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When you discovery a great product the does not let you down, support it and show it to as many people as you can! Tackle Land found such a product with Anglermate and their Tairyo Fishing Rod series and we are very proud to be able to stock such a large selection and this will continue to grow as new Tairyo Fishing Rods become available.

Come in store to view the range and get a demo of one of the most versatile rods you will find – Tairyo Fishing Rods!

Overview Tairyo Fishing Rod

In 1991 the Nano Particle Molecule was discovered by S.Ljima and aroused many interests in academic and industrial circles.
The materials of CNT have a  very outstanding physical property. As an example with steel, it is 100 times stronger, but 6 times lighter. It’s tensile strength is 150 Gpa, in carbon fiber, tensile strength is  5Gpa maximum.

CNT is 30 times stronger than IM7 Carbon Fiber.

The key technology is how to make the CNT dispense steadily in composite materials.

In 2008 Nanoledge France,(the first company handling Nano-In worldwide) ,made the first successful  CNT dispension into epoxy resin, and announced to work exclusively with the Tairyo Rod Company, to develop the CNT rod program. After many months of tests and incredible expenditure we finally achieved the ideal  bond that we call Nano-in and Honey-comb rod construction. And so our first generation of Tairyo Nano Speed was born in 2010.

The Tairyo Fishing Rod series brings the new CNT (Carbon Nano Tube)to our rod range with outstanding features. Original creation in materials and very attractive cosmetics together with value for money are the forefront of our product.

Fuji  SIC new concept anti-tangle guides, Fuji  reel seats, attractive bindings together with one of the most powerful blanks ever created, engineered to work together to increase sensitivity, feel and further casting. Three separate layers of high-modulus carbon are wrapped around a high density graphite core, reinforced by woven fiber and bound together by our proprietary resin to create an extremely light, incredibly sensitive rod.

Nano Speed Plus construction delivers unparalleled performance without sacrificing strength and durability.
Carbon Nano Tube resins bind all layers and increase strength.

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